LMS Futures Workgroup


The LMS Futures Workgroup was charged by the EVC of Academic Affairs and the EVC of Business and Finance in December, 2008 to develop recommendations for effective and efficient LMS services environments that

  • support teaching and learning activities that contribute to improved student success;
  • improve the management of academic programs on campuses and across campuses; and
  • can be integrated with appropriate services selected by campuses and the CSU system. 

The Workgroup prepared 4 critical documents:

The LMS Critical Elements DRAFT (pdf) document provides an analysis of what the CSU might need to do to implement different models of learning management services, cost analyses of critical elements of delivering learning management services, and identification of different exemplary practices for implementing learning management services.

The LMS External Scan DRAFT (pdf) document provides an external scan of LMS market and analyses of different implementation models across state systems in higher education.

The LMS Futures Workgroup Recommendation Report (pdf) provides the first public version of the recommended strategies for the CSU in designing and providing learning management services for CSU faculty, students, and staff in a cost-effective manner.

The Recommendations for the LMS Governance Model (PDF) for the California State University System provides the first public version of the recommended governance strategies for the CSU to provide an efficient and representative leadership structure to develop the LMS services.

Please send all inquiries and questions concerning these documents to Kathy Fernandes.

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