A 2010 California State Students Association (CSSA) resolution called for each CSU campus to develop and implement a policy and practices for faculty selecting and students using a single standardized “clicker” to reduce the costs and increase the usability of the devices for students. The resolution is posted below. This resolution was disseminated and reviewed by the Academic Technology Steering Committee (ATSC) and the Directors of Academic Technology at their recent meetings. Agreement with and support for the CSSA resolution was expressed along with feedback on how to implement the resolution. Based on these and continuing discussions and in collaboration with the ATSC, the CSSA and Academic Technology Services (ATS) at the Chancellor’s Office will be facilitating an implementation process for this resolution. This website is designed to facilitate the sharing of polices, practices, analyses, strategies, and issues so members of the CSU community can leverage exemplary practices and support campus planning for implementing their policies and practices on clickers.

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SDSU's PollEverywhere Pilot

SDSU ran a small pilot of PollEverywhere during Spring 2011. This report describes the pilot and shares the results of a survey that measures user satisfaction.

5/9/2012 Mark Laumakis
Clicker Accessibility Analysis from San Francisco State University

These excerpts from the SF State's Clicker Standardization investigation review the Web Accessibility of clickers from Turning Technologies, eInstruction, and Panopto.  The accessibility assessments included a manual assessment of each application, JAWS screen reader testing, and a VPAT analysis.  A separate document with a stand-alone VPAT analysis is also included.

This study was completed in May, 2010, and campuses should contact the vendor directly for updates to accessibility made since that time. 

May 2011 San Francisco State University
Clickers in the CSU: Increasing Access and Affordability with a Rapidly Changing Technology

Personal Response Systems (aka ‘clickers’) are an important technology used at every CSU campus to increase student engagement during classes.  The recent California State Student Association (CSSA) resolution identified a consequence of recent growth in the usage of clickers:  students are required to purchase multiple devices at a substantial cost without a resultant benefit.  Chancellor Reed has affirmed the importance of this issue, and Vice Chancellors Ephraim Smith and Ben Quillian issued a memo on March 23 to each CSU campus, requesting campus plans for improving affordability of clickers for students by June 1. 


This document summarizes the status of clicker usage on campus, strategic plans for usage, and identifies opportunities for the Office of the Chancellor to support campus efforts.  A detailed summary of campus clicker stratgies is included.


7/26/2011 Gerry Hanley and John Whitmer
ECAR Clickers Report

ECAR research bulletin that discusses a program at the University of South Carolina to implement SRSs in the classroom and to study the impacts that the technology has on student outcomes.  They also looked at the challenges that SRSs pose, both to students and to faculty members, and investigated best practices for using this technology.  

Note: You must be an ECAR member to download this document at the link below.

7/5/2011 lzweier
SDSU's clicker re-evaluation report

A report from SDSU's 2011 clicker re-evaluation process is at this link: 

Table of contents with direct links:


06/21/2011 Jim Julius
SFSU's Clicker Standardization Investigation 2010-11

This is the final report from SF State's Clicker Standardization Investigation in AY 2010-11. Sections of this report include:

  • Project outline
  • Needs statement
  • Operational definitions
  • Literature review
  • User requirements
  • Environmental scan
  • Potential solutions
  • Vendor presentations
  • Accessibility studies
  • Technical & resource analysis
  • Pros & Cons of finalists
  • Findings and recommendation
6/17/2011 abbe
Penn State Implementation of iClickers

Penn State is adopting i>clicker from Macmillan after running a spring 2011 test that also evaluated the use of i>clicker and one other system. Five Penn State campuses participated in the pilot project, representing 21 courses that had enrollments totaling more than 4,600 students. Faculty and students were positive about both clicker systems, but showed a preference for their experiences with i>clicker, including an easier transition off of an earlier clicker system.


5/26/11 Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology
Webinar & Resources: Supporting Campus Strategies for Effective and Affordable Uses of Clickers

Attached is the slides from the presentation "Supporting Campus Strategies for Effective and Affordable Uses of Clickers" that was presented on May 20, 2011 with Representatives from San Diego State University, CSU San Marcos, San Francisco State University, and CSU Fullerton.  Links and resources from the presentations are also presented below (some of which are included in other files in this repository.


The archive of the presentation is at:


Useful links & resources

Campus Information and Processes:

CSU System-wide Resources:

Compilation of internal CSU and external resources:
The Merlot Elixr Site also has several case studies of Clicker implmementation at:

We hope that these resources will help develop your campus plans on Clicker use.

5/23/2011 John Whitmer
SDSU Demos of 3 response systems, 2011

Mediasite archive of demonstrations held in May, 2011 at SDSU, of i>clicker (focusing on i>clicker2), Turning Technologies (focusing on NXT), and Poll Everywhere. 

Archive is approx. 2 hours long. No captions. Requires Silverlight for playback.

May 2011 Jim Julius
SDSU Response system feedback form 2011

This form allowed attendees at a series of live demonstrations to provide ratings of the three response systems shown (i>clicker, Turning Technologies, and Poll Everywhere).

May 2011 Jim Julius
SDSU Criteria for Response System 2011

Criteria developed by SDSU Instructional Technology Services and refined & affirmed by a taskforce of faculty, staff, and students during SDSU's response system re-evaluation process in spring of 2011. 1-page PDF

April 2011 Jim Julius
SDSU Clicker re-eval report, 2010

Brief (2 pg) google document outlining the re-evaluation considered of SDSU's response system standard during 2009-2010. In short, it was determined that making a change would be more difficult than sticking with eInstruction.




April 2010 Jim Julius
SDSU 2006 Response System Evaluation report

Report of rationale, process, criteria, and final selection (eInstruction CPS) associated with San Diego State University's 2006 response system evaluation. 9 page .doc

June 2006 Jim Julius
Clickers at U of Colorado

Online Daily Camera reports on a new study involving a distinguished professor from the University of Colorado which demonstrates that when interactive teaching methods are used in college lectures, students are more likely to show up to class and participate, and test scores skyrocket.

5/16/11 Brittany Anas, Daily Camara
MERLOT ELIXR and Audience Response Systems

MERLOT ELIXR provides video case stories of how different campuses in Texas and SanFrancisco State Unv are using audience response systems (aka "clickers").  The topics include Universal Design, Student Engagement, and others


Kevin Kelly, EdD
Manager, Online Teaching & Learning / Media Distribution & Support
Academic Technology
San Francisco State University
5/9/2011 GHanley
CSU Chico Clicker Website- TurningPoint Focus

CSU Chico has a great section of our knowledge base devoted to Clickers and maintained by Claudine Franquet to support our campus users of TurningPoint that contains some good home-grown materials like Preliminary Considerations. There's also an Effective Practices page that links to the material we find on the web via our Diigo social bookmarking.


Cheers, Peter DiFalco Instructional Technology Consultant Technology and Learning Program California State University, Chico

5/9/2011 Claudine Franquet
Chancellor's Office Memo requesting campus plans for clickers The memo from Executive Vice Chancellor's Smith and Quillian provides some background on the use and affordability of clickers on CSU campuses and request each campus to submit their plan for the campus clicker strategy by June 1, 2011. March 23, 2011 EVCs Smith and Quillian
Clicker Vendor Demo Script - San Francisco State University

As part of its 2010-11 Clicker Standardization Investigation, a committee at San Francisco State University created a script for vendor finalist candidates to use when delivering a demo/presentation to the campus. The purposes of using a script include:

  • having a consistent set of tasks for all clicker vendors to perform, making it possible to draw comparisons among the finalist candidates
  • making sure that all clicker vendors cover important aspects of the clicker workflow--before class begins (instructor setup and student registration), during class (clicker use), and after class (reporting, grading, analysis)
  • making sure the clicker vendors cover what the campus finds important, rather than bells and whistles that do not address criteria (user, pedagogical, technical)
02/18/2011 Kevin Kelly, Angie Portacio
CSU Clickers Policy & Practice Inventory

A compilation of clicker policies and practices in use at CSU campuses in PDF and Excel formats.

3/9/2011 DAT
Clicker Picker Handout/Poster

EDUCAUSE Resrouce: Four universities perspectives on standardizing on a classroom response system.  Both Handout and Poster formats available.

2/7/2011 lzweier
Tips for Successful “Clicker” Use

EDUCAUSE resource document: Tips for Successful “Clicker” Use © Dr. Douglas Duncan, University of Colorado, 2009

2/7/2011 lzweier
Vanderbilt University's "Clicker" Program

Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching provides a good overveiw how what Classroom Response Systems (Clickers) are, why use them, how to use them, and how Vanderbuild University supports their use. There are links to other university programs as well and news items.

Unknown Derek Bruff, Assistant Director, Vanderbilt Center for Teaching
Successful Clicker Standardization

EDUCAUSE article by Jim Twetten, M. K. Smith, Jim Julius, and Linda Murphy-Boyer provides an excellent overview and recommendations for Standardizing on a single clicker system enhances pedagogical support while reducing logistical support issues and student costs.

2007 Jim Twetten, M. K. Smith, Jim Julius, and Linda Murphy-Boyer.
Unv of Wisconsin Green Bay Evaluation of Clickers

The University of Wisconsin's Learning Technology Center conducted an evaluation of  3 clickers.

View a detailed analysis of each vendor based on criteria we created to judge the functionality, ease of use, and support options for each provider. Also, a short pro and con list is available.

Unknown UWGB Learning Technology Center
7 Things you should know about Clickers The 2005 report from the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative provides an overview of the what, who, and why use clickers May 2005 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
Sac State Recommendation for Standardizatiof Clickers 2008

The report provides an overview of the rationale,the evaluation process, and the recommendation for the standardization of clickers at Sac State. There are additional appendices concerning: A. Clicker Workgroup Membership Roster B. Selection Criteria C. ATI Review: VPAT Summary and Accessibility Statement D. eInstruction Documentation and E. Tentative Cost Structure

July 25, 2008 Sac State ATCS committee
CSSA Resolution

CSSA-17-10: Resolution in support of the standardization of student response systems.

11/7/2010 California State Student Association
CSU Long Beach iClicker push

Campus article on clicker use at Long Beach.

Campus Article

5/27/2009 lholden

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